An unique concept...

Create your chocolate tablet to takeaway in a few minutes...

In 2 steps, compose the tablet of your dreams, unique and personalized, choosing your chocolate (Milk, White or Black), your toppings, among twenty of choices.

Be creative and especially gourmet !!


Are you gourmand?

Taste our delicious FREAKSHAKES...
Pleasure guaranteed! !

Come and discover at CHOCO FACTORY, our delicious Freakshakes, gourmet blends of milkshake, ice cream, flowing chocolate, toppings and other crazyness.

A unique XXL dessert, served in a jar with a maximum of quality ingredients: brownies, cookies, double chantilly, marshmallows, fudge, ice cream balls, pecans, hazelnuts ... all covered with a chocolate coulis .

Our Freakshakes come in five flavors as delicious as decadent. Find your favorite among our recipes : Frago Choco, Vanilla Ice, Gloubi Boulga, Bana-rama, Choco Bomb.

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